Microsoft’s Popular Band

Microsoft Band

Microsoft launched a device which is a fitness tracker and a smart watch, it’s called the Microsoft Band and is already available in the US with loads of smart technology. The device will be available in the UK in April and experts are still wavy about their popularity in the UK market.

The product is cleverly designed and is cheaper than the Apple Watch but the question is that will this put Microsoft on top? The wearables market is relatively new and marketing experts are still trying to determine their true demographics.

It comes down to sales, the response of the UK market is not known yet and this will depend on the functionality and design. Microsoft is targeting the fitness niche, with the device on your wrist, you can measure your heart rate, and the amount of calories that you burned and other options likes tracking your workout.

The fitness crowd is also concerned about the device’s accuracy, you get notifications like a smart watch and though it is motivating, accuracy is an important aspect.

Unlike Nike and Apple, Microsoft opted to combine everything in one and give their consumers a little more than they paid for but will this product be popular beyond those who are best defined as “fitness buffs”?

One problem is with the design and some people have even called it “ugly” Microsoft’s perspective is that their product is inclined on functionality than design and that their target market would not care about looks.

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