Microsoft Might let go of their Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Logo

Microsoft has been working on their new browser for quite a while now, it is named “Project Spartan for Windows 10” but it was thought that Microsoft would keep their cash cow (internet Explorer) on top. Sources tell us that Microsoft may let go on their IE

People who use windows mainly use Google Chrome or Mozilla instead of the Internet Explorer because they experience bad rendered websites and exceptionally bad performance and that has been going on for a long time. Though Microsoft had tried their best to introduce newer versions but it didn’t work out.

Microsoft announced yesterday that they will be focusing on their Spartan project and they are looking to rename their browser. Microsoft’s marketing head Chris Capossela said that the new browser will be the default browser for Windows 10. Microsoft is still deciding to end IE or to enhance it again because the Internet Explorer still carries a big name. Microsoft is following the trends and they may have had enough of IE for this decade.

Microsoft may include IE with some OS versions so this may not be the end of IE. The Spartan project will not be released under the IE banner; this was confirmed by Microsoft yesterday. Microsoft thinks that their new browser “Project Spartan” is a promising prospect and will be a cleaner and stronger browser than IE.

While the IE team is busy in making patches, users have their fingers crossed and are waiting to the transition as Windows 10 is going to be fun.

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