Microsoft’s update to enable Xbox One Game Streaming for Windows 10 PC and devices

Microsoft is going to release Windows 10 by the end of July 29 and before that Microsoft has released an update, which will enable Xbox One Game Streaming for Windows 10 PC and devices. Xbox’s Larry Hryb said in a blog post “We’re taking the game streaming function on Xbox One, as announced last month, out of preview and expanding it to everyone who owns an Xbox One and has a PC or tablet with Windows 10.”

What users need to do to enable Xbox One Game Streaming for Windows 10 PC and devices?

To enable Xbox One Game Streaming for Windows 10 PC, firstly, users need to make sure that they have updated Xbox app, or they can update it manually via the Windows Store. Users can ensure that have the latest app by going to the Settings menu of the Xbox app and check that they have 7.7.16004.00000 version or higher.

Secondly, users need to enable game streaming on both their Windows 10 PC and their Xbox One console. On their Windows 10 PC, they need to launch the Xbox app and then scroll down the left-hand menu to the Connect icon. They will get the option to connect to their Xbox One or they may have to manually enter the Xbox One‘s IP address. To enable game streaming on the Console, users need to navigate to Settings > Preferences > Allow game streaming to other devices, and ensure that the streaming is enabled.

Once Xbox One Game Streaming for Windows 10 PC is enabled, users can select a game out of their collection and then select “Play from Console” or they can just use the Xbox One native menu. Finally, users need to connect either wired Xbox 360 controller or Xbox One controller to their PC or tablet to make it all work. Microsoft said they are planning various other feature updates to the Xbox app in the future, including the ability for the Xbox app to mine your old PC games and add them to the game collection.

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