NetSuite Has Announced Partnership With Microsoft

NetSuite Has Announced Partnership With Microsoft

NetSuite and Microsoft are soon to tie and work together toward success. NetSuite has announced that it will have a strategic alliance with Microsoft, which is said to tie its products closely to the Azure cloud computing service and Office 365. The announcement was done by Zach Nelson, who is the CEO of NetSuite, during the firm’s SuiteWorld conference in San Francisco, California.

The plan involves Microsoft integrating the cloud-base Enterprise Resource Planning software of NetSuite to Office 365. This software is used by many companies for the purpose of monitoring their supply chain data, financial data and other operational data. Also, Azure will be the ideal and preferred platform of NetSuite when it comes to making enhancements to its custom software.

According to the CEO of NetSuite, the promising partnership was the output of a series of appointments and meetings with Satya Nadella, who is the CEO of Microsoft. Nelson admitted that they did not have many relationships with Microsoft back then. In fact, they consider Microsoft as their competitor. However, the Microsoft CEO is really interested with Office 365 and so the partnership resulted as both companies found some places where they could work and succeed together.

The partnership of NetSuite and Microsoft is one of the most promising partnerships in history. For sure, they will make improvements to offer better service to their customers.

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