New and Upgraded iPad Pro Features Leaked

New and Upgraded iPad Pro Features Leaked

Though no details of release dates were mentioned, according to a reliable source, Apple is in the works of releasing a new version of their 12.9 iPad Pro that would feature new features.

It is expected that Apple will include an NFC radio feature that may allow the device act as an Apple Pay payment receiving terminal. This will also allow accessory simple pairing in particular a Bluetooth stylus that is also currently being developed.

The new iPad Pro’s screen is expected to use a new touchscreen that features improved touch latency that would work great with the new Bluetooth stylus. The new stylus features new pressure-sensitive input and will be connected via Bluetooth.

The screen will also sense pressure from the fingertips, as Apple plans to use the Force Touch input in the new iPad Pro that eventually will be used on the iPhone 6, the Apple Watch, and the latest MacBook models.

The new iPad Pro version will feature a USB-C input that would replace the device’s previous Lightning connector. Sources also shared that leaked “iPad Pro” designs are showing two port openings, which could potentially house both Lightning and USB-C connections or may feature two docking capabilities orientations.

Finally, the big reveal the sources shared is that the new version of the iPad Pro will feature a new A-series next-generation processor. The current iPad Air 2 uses the high-end features of an A8X processor, which is basically a beefed-up version of the iPhone 6’s and iPhone 6 Plus’ A8 chip processor.

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