The Solution for the Major Security Flaws in Websites

The Solution for the Major Security Flaw of Websites

Most of the websites we visit on a regular basis might have a serious security flaw that we do not know. Do you know that the things you download or upload can be intercepted by a third party even when there is no permission from you. As long as they are listening in on your net connection, then it is definitely possible!

Just imagine how many people can be a victim of this security flaw. The guy who is sitting beside you might also be a victim. Other victims might be your classmates, neighbors and even a foreign intelligence agency.

Nonetheless, we do not have to worry a lot this time. Why? It is because technologists have already found a great solution for this problem. The truth is that this solution has been invented in the year 1995. The solution is called the SSL, which is an encryption technology that helps you secure the data you are downloading and uploading.

In the past, servers are quite slow. However, today, these are all a lot faster. In the past, only a few websites use SSL. Now, a lot websites take advantage of SSL to address the security flaw. Well, there is no problem about using the encryption technology today considering that the servers are now much faster than ever. Now, we can be at ease when visiting these websites.

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