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New Realm of Physics: New Particles to be Discovered

Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

When the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is restarted soon, it is hoped that new particles will be discovered which has excited scientists who believe that this will be a new milestone for the scientific community.

Researchers at the LHC believe that any particle discovered this year would be a bigger discovery than the Higgs boson. Scientists believe these new discoveries could be related to the most elusive and powerful force in the universe known as “dark matter”.

The new discoveries promise to give more answers to the mysteries of the universe. The hopes for finding anti-matter are now stronger and scientists may also find supersymmetric matter.

The description of nature’s fundamental particles is known as Super Symmetry, Susy is known at the bases which fill the gaps for the standard model. The model predicts that the particles have bigger partners, for example, the particle that carries light (photon) has a partner known as the photino. Similarly, the building blocks of an atom (protons and neutrons) have a partner known as the “squark”. There is a lot of debate around this phenomenon at the moment because when tests were carried out by the LHC, no signs of these superparticles were found in the debris. Scientists are hopeful that they will find Susy in the coming weeks.

The LHC is going to be ramped up and will use double the collision energy as previously used.

Scientists have not yet seen dark matter, it cannot be detected by telescopes but it is known that dark matter is what binds the universe together but it cannot be seen. Prof Heinemann believes that this discovery will rock this world.

Knowing about dark matter will give scientists a better understanding on how the universe works and may also answer the question about the evolution of the universe.

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