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Droughts in America: New Developments

American Droughts

America may face droughts in the South-west region which the area has not seen for many centuries. Though these droughts are light as compared with the ones back in the 12th century but Scientists believe that the region may be effected by a Super-Drought in the near future.

Studies suggest that these super droughts last for 20-50 years at a time and the droughts in the future may be something that no one has ever experienced.

According to reports the greenhouse gases has affected the atmosphere to a point where a vast area of land (Southwest and central) will become dry.

Scientists have reconstructed past climate conditions and have made around 17 climate models together with different indices used to describe the amount of moisture held in the soils.

The soil is becoming dry because of decreased precipitation; additionally there is also an increase in evaporation which is complimenting the drought condition.

So the cause has two reasons, there is a decreased precipitation which means that there is a reduction in snowfall and rainfall and because of higher temperatures, the soil is parched. The global climate situation is changing rapidly and the droughts are just an outcome of many variables.

Scientists are predicting that there is a major risk of a long 25-35 year long drought in the Southwest and central plains. The prediction is for the end of this century.

The effects of these droughts can be reduced is some kind of action is taken to reduce the greenhouse gases, reports tell us that greenhouse gases are one of the major reasons for the rise in global temperature. The rise in global is also effecting trees and the drought may be fatal for them.

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