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Scanadu Scout Tricorder

A man in Illinois convinced some investors back in 2013 to invest an amount of over $25 million on a revolutionary medical device. Remember the tricorder from Star Trek? Well this product is being named after the irritable Dr. Leonard McCoy (Bones). That actually turned out to be a scam and the man was jailed for fraud. But much to everyone’s surprise, the device does exist. Not only does the device exist, it works. The Tricorder is now a reality.

Also known as the Bluetooth doctor the “Scanadu Scout” is the hallmark of technological genius and a big step ahead in the future. The product is not a prototype or some multimillion dollar concept, its reality and the product will go mainstream very soon.

A sleek and small device, at the moment it only comes in white but will also come in black. It works by placing it on one’s forehead. The Scanadu will be able to measure heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level and will provide an ECG reading.

This new device is being deemed as the future of medical convenience as it will not only record data, one can be monitored through this device.

Walter De Brouwer, a Belgian entrepreneur began to tinker with this concept and it eventually became his brain child and his inspiration came from Star Trek, he believes that Star Trek is not just a movie, it was his business plan.

At the moment this device awaits approval from the FDA so it is not available in the market. Scanadu is also working on a home testing kit “scanaflo” which is a urine testing kit and can be used conveniently at home for a variety of tests.

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