Police on Boston Runners: No Need to Worry About Drones

Police on Boston Runners: No Need to Worry About Drones

Local authorities have ensured 30,000 runners at the Boston marathon that there would be a no-fly zone to implement at the run.  Although many runners would have certain things to worry about, they did not have to in terms of drones.

The Massachusetts State Police announced a no-fly zone, including for drones, in today’s marathon, and that a Washington-based company would be looking and watching for drones that would buzz over Boston today.

A tech company, Drone Shield has created a device that could listen to the sound of drones, and ten of such would be deployed all over the route of the marathon.

Brain Hearing, the creator of the tech to be used, could tell Quartz that drones could make a unique sound such was that of a beehive. But this wasn’t a detection system for early warnings or advanced radar. This can simply be comparing sounds that it could hear through a database of sounds from drones. And if it would discover a matching sound, its system would send out a signal to alert through email or text.

Hearing was an MIT graduate who had lived in Boston for six years and was offering the service to the police department in order to protect runners against any threats that could be coming from drones, especially those from hobbyists that use drones to record a video of the race. In 2014, a drone hit another drone and then hit a triathlete (Australia) when its controller, a photographer lost control of it.

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