Security Researcher Banned from Flight

United Airlines Plane

The United Airlines has banned a security researcher after he tweeted a joke regarding hacking.

Chris Roberts works as a security researcher and was travelling in United Airlines and for some reason, he tweeted that he has the ability to hack the system of the aircraft. Chris Roberts was travelling from Colorado to San Francisco; he was going to attend a conference.

His tweet was supposed to deploy the oxygen masks in the plane. United Airlines say that their flight control systems cannot be hacked and they are very confident about it. Chris Roberts is the founder of One World Labs, a cyber-security firm. The firm is famous for finding vulnerable areas in companies and advises/protects them from cyber criminals.

Last Wednesday, Mr Roberts was removed from another united flight by the FBI who took his laptop away, and questioned him for four hours. He told Fox news in an interview about the weak areas in the Airline.

In another interview with the CNN, he said that he could connect the aircraft easily and see all the data from the aircraft’s engines, fuel and flight-management systems.

United Airlines had a different plan, they said that Mr Roberts is making a claim, and they made a decision to ban him because this is in the best interest of their company. They also said that they had to make this decision because Mr. Robert’s action was a violation in their policy and they do not want their customers dealing with this kind of issue.

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