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Latest Technology to Prevent Drones from Mishap

Latest Technology to Prevent Drones from Mishap

Latest technology could keep a drone from burning and crashing (common problems when in mid air) when it loses GPS access (happening when it passes a closed-off location) or when it is blown off by harsh winds. Such scenarios that can mean disaster to service or delivery drones are now being taken into the picture.

A new system is underway to help in setting drones upright and in finding a good landing place. The study is conducted by a research team from the University of Zurich that would require drones to have a camera, a distance sensor, an inertial measurement unit (IMU) and a Smartphone chip to process information for the drones.  For the technology to work, a drone has to identify and locate landmarks through its camera, while it’s still in mid air and is working with a GPS.

With the new system, the camera will work in order to find the landmarks that it has recognized earlier, if for instance, the drone is tumbling in the air.  It will use the landmarks in stabilizing itself and in flying at the height where it was before the interruption.  The entire process will only take a couple of seconds and that it would allow the drone to correct its orientation even when in closed indoor locations.

Let’s check out more updates about this story. Do you think this new research would really help drones prevent themselves from burning or crashing? Write your comments below.

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