Project Fi Is Expected to Hurt iOS and Android Handsets

Project Fi Is Expected to Hurt iOS and Android Handsets

It is not a secret that the search giant Google has developed Project Fi, a project that is said to hurt Apple’s iPhones. Project Fi offers an alternative to the traditional carriers to the subscribers in the United States.

This project is popular for its exclusive perks. Only those who are users of Project Fi can enjoy these benefits. What these perks are? Well, it includes a cloud-based telephone number and of course, a straightforward and transparent billing policy.

While Project Fi is very popular for its exclusive benefits, the project is not exempted to limitations. Just like any other inventions, it has its own limitations. Among its main limitation is the fact that it is dependent on Nexus 6, Google’s own phone.

As of the moment, Project Fi can only work with Nexus 6. Therefore, those who are users of iPhones and Android handsets cannot enjoy its perks. This is the reason why it is cited that it could hurt Apple’s iPhones. As a matter of fact, it is not just iPhone that would be hurt. Samsung devices and other Android handsets would also be hurt if Project Fi would continue to be available on Nexus 6 alone.

As of now, US iOS and Android market has two options. The first one is to shift to Nexus 6 to be able to enjoy Project Fi. The second one is to continue using their current devices and give up the idea of using Project Fi.

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