The Arrival of iPad Pro Might Not Push Through This Year

The Arrival of iPad Pro Might Not Push Through This Year

According to a report of Korea IT News, which cited unknown sources coming from the supply chain, Apple recently requested silver nanowire material samples from Japan Display, LG Display, Samsung Display and others.

According to one person, the launch of iPad Pro might not push through this year. It has been noted that many people expect the release of iPad Pro to be this year. Nonetheless, the release might be moved to another time until next year.

The silver nanowire that Apple requested from different tech companies is known to be a much more flexible touch panel compared to the current touch panel technology being used today. The report stated that this silver nanowire could be much more ideal to use as it can understand the weight and the pressure of a person’s fingertip. This means that this material is more conducive when it comes to bringing Force Touch technology to iPad Pro.

Since reports said that iPad Pro need to feature a more conducive Force Touch technology, many people suspect that Apple is still currently developing iPad Pro as it ordered different samples from different companies. It just suggests that Apple is still not certain as to what brand of silver nanowire to use for its iPad Pro. As of the moment, there is still no denial or confirmation made by Apple regarding these rumors.

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