Sea Levels Rise Up 128mm Around the US Coast

US Northeast Coast Sea Levels

A recent study found out that the sea level in the northeast coast of the US is now facing a rise in water levels. This study found that the levels have risen by 128mm only in a span of 2 years.

This has now made it mandatory for coastal areas in the US to be prepared for drastic events. According to scientists, the rise in sea levels was expected and the reason for this is the extreme climate conditions which are common in this era.

Scientists have been studying the rise in sea level for a while now and they concluded that the gradual rise is only a start; communities will need to prepare for extreme conditions. In 2009-2010 the sea level in New York went to 128mm, this is a major issue as during a storm the elevated sea level will make it worse.

Climate scientists say that this is a record breaking event and they think that the climate change is also a major factor. More events like these are expected in the future.

This is just an example of multiple factors influencing extreme events; this includes the wind patterns, the global climate change, ocean circulation and the global rise of sea levels.

Scientists are trying to understand the correlation between these multiple factors and trying to establish a connection to understand that which factor plays the major role and which factors support it.

These factors may be complex and is phenomenon when looked from a global perspective but scientists agree that global ocean circulation plays an important role.

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