Software Designed to Block Advertisements May be Harmful

Cyber Attack

Socket layer (SSL) is used for online transactions, the purpose is to safeguard them, and latest reports tell us that PrivDog is now known to compromise SSL. SuperFish also have the same issue – the pre-installed software on Lenovo notebooks.

About 57000 users are compromised who are using PrivDog, this was confirmed by a statement made my PrivDog when they said that this will effect a limited number of websites and the issue has been corrected.

The firm also said that they have already issued an update which will be applied tomorrow and will update 57,568 users.

PrivDog is among many other software’s which have these security issues, the tool is basically designed to block ads but fails to provide security. Many experts think that this is also the evolution of Hackers as they are getting smarter and somehow they find their way around.

Last week, SuperFish was in the headlines, a pre-installed software designed to help their users find the cheapest products available on the web, the software comprised security protocols and had its users at risk, the connections were intercepted through fake certificates and a common practice known as the “man in the middle attack”.

Like PrivDog, Lenovo reacted quickly and removed the software but Lenovo is facing legal action from some of the users.

Experts think that the case with PrivDog may be worse, leaving computers a breeding ground for a “cyber-attack”. This is even more frightening because PrivDog allows your browser to accept every certificate out there. This leaves the user vulnerable to a phishing attack.

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