Bionic Hands are now Mind-Controlled

Mind Controlled Bionic Hand

Robotic prosthetics hit a new milestone when they entered the world of nerve based technology. People who have had nerve damage can use these robotic prosthetics to do everyday tasks; these prosthetics are controlled by their minds.

The first ever invention of its kind, three man are the first to have experienced these bionic hands through which they are able to perform everyday tasks with ease. The three men had suffered nerve damage from various injuries. The injuries had rendered their hands with limited control and pain.

This latest medical and engineering breakthrough is known as “bionic reconstruction” this procedure requires the amputation of the hand and the hand is replaced with the bionic prosthetic. The three men are from Austria and it took them three months for to be able to pick up a ball and pour water in a glass. This was the first time they were able to do this after their accident.

The robotic prosthetic is controlled with thoughts and works through electrical impulses. Some doctors’ think that the injuries suffered by those men were an “inner amputation” and that the techniques used to correct them in the past were simply ineffective.

Before the amputation, the three subjects had spent 9 months in training to understand and control a virtual hand, after that they continued their training with a hybrid version that was attached to their hand.

The scientific community is excited about this new venture, though this is still and uncharted territory, many scientists think that this is a major breakthrough on the road of understanding the human body.

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