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Buy WOW Gold the Legal Way

World of Warcraft Gold

Today the World of Warcraft Tokens go on sale. This allows World of Warcraft players to purchase game time in the form of in-game tokens. These tokens can then be sold via the in-game auction house for gold or redeemed in-game for 30 days of game time.

This allows players to eliminate the need to pay a monthly subscription. It also allows players to purchase up to 10 tokens per month and sell on the in-game auction house for gold – This is currently the only legal way to buy WOW gold which complies with Blizzard’s terms and conditions.

WOW Tokens were originally announced in March by Blizzard and is an attempt by Blizzard to grab the attention of potential new players as in recent years player numbers have declined.

Many other popular MMORPG’s like Eve already offer their players the ability to buy and sell game time via in-game auction houses for virtual currency. It also offers new players the chance to buy game time for real money and sell in-game for virtual currency to purchase virtual equipment for their characters so they get up and running quicker. However Blizzard had limited the number of Tokens players can by to 10 per month.
If a player is skilled at farming for gold, they now have the ability to play WOW for free by buying game time tokens for gold via the in-game auction house.

More information about the new token can be found here: Playing World of Warcraft Without a Subscription

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