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Universal Studios and Nintendo Announced Partnership

Universal Studios and Nintendo Announced Partnership

Universal Studios will be much more interesting as it will now have Nintendo attractions. Just recently, Universal Studios and Nintendo made an announcement that they will be in partnership. The partnership will bring the popular characters of Nintendo to the famous theme parks all over the world.

There was a joint press release that both the two giant companies are set to build major Nintendo attractions at the theme parks of Universal studios. Though the promising partnership has already been unveiled, there is still no detail as to as to how these Nintendo attractions will look like in the theme parks.

There is also a hint that the projects and concepts are still in the early development stages as it has been said during the joint press release that the creative teams of the two companies are still working in order to bring specific concepts.

The news broke right after Nintendo posted its operating report for the first time in a span of four years. They reported a total of 24.8 billion yen earnings. It is definitely a lot better than their $472 million loss report the previous year.

With the partnership of Nintendo and Universal Studios, it cannot be denied that many people are looking forward to the forthcoming attractions. For sure, many people will become more interested to visit the theme parks around the world.

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