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After Two Years, Roku 4 Is Now Rumored to Debut This Year

After Two Years, Roku 4 Is Now Rumored to Debut This Year

It has been more than two years since the Roku 3’s official release. Upon its release, Roku 3 has already been labeled as among the greatest media streaming devices of today. Now, it seems like the world will be able to see the official release of Roku 4 this year.

According to Exstreamist, Roku 4 is expected to be first released this coming fall. Also, they projected it to bring a variety of exciting and useful enhancements. The enhancements that Roku 4 will bring are anticipated to bring a brand new experience to those who patiently waited for the highly anticipated online streaming gadget.

Aside from the fact that Roku 4 is said to be capable in terms of supporting 4K streaming and supporting much faster loading times between what we call navigation screens, it is also said to feature an improved channel store, front-panel reset button, support for 802.11AC WiFi and stabilized firmware.

Despite the fact that there are already a lot of rumors regarding Roku 4, Roku has not yet released an official statement confirming or denying all these pieces of stuff. What people can do right now is to continue with their speculations and patiently wait for them for the official debut of the online streaming gadget in order for you to see whether the rumors were actually true or not.

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