When Will Samsung Officially Launch Its First Round Smartwatch?

When Will Samsung Officially Launch Its First Round Smartwatch?

It is expected that Samsung will soon launch Gear A, which is the firm’s first round smartwatch in history. It is said to be released alongside with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in the later part of this year.

While it is true that Samsung never gave any detail as to when it will unveil its first round smartwatch, many people believe that the release will be delayed up to the later part (probably third or fourth quarter) of the year. In fact, many people think it will be officially announced in IFA – where the Galaxy Note 5 is also expected to be released.

Samsung’s Gear A is expected to be very amazing. People are looking forward to its rotating bezel ring feature. This rotating bezel ring is a great feature considering the fact that allows the users to interact and also, navigate it. Aside from this information, there is only too few or no other info with regard to the forthcoming Samsung smartwatch yet.

Most often than not, Samsung chooses to launch their smartwatch devices along with a flagship handset. No wonder why most people think that the Gear A will be officially introduced alongside with the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as well. Considering the fact that there is only too little information about the product, there is no doubt that people are now very curious as to what they should expect from the round smartwatch.

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