Microsoft: To Have Another Demo of HoloLens Headset

Microsoft: To Have Another Demo of HoloLens Headset

Microsoft made another vow to the media and the developers to have another demo of its brand new product – it is none other than the HoloLens headset.

Many people still do not know what HoloLens is. Only those who are really following the latest news on the tech industry know what it is. It is actually a computer. Nonetheless, it does not look like the traditional computer at all. Well, it is simply because it is supposed to be worn on your face. You cannot expect something that we would wear to be as big and as complex as our personal computers or laptops, right?

HoloLens offers a brand new experience to all its users. It projects 3-D images in front of you rather than just let you interact through the use of a mouse, keyboard or touchscreen. The best thing about the 3-D images that HoloLens projects is that you can reach out and also, touch these images. Isn’t it a great deal? Based on the previous demos that Microsoft pulled off, the device is really cool. No wonder why many people are now very excited to experience what it offers.

Just like Microsoft, Google is also developing a wearable device. It is none other than the Google Glass that was first unveiled back in the year 2012. As of now, Microsoft is still far from being the first ever tech giant to successfully explore the idea of wearables.

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