6 Amazing Features That Distinguish the Galaxy S7 from Apple’s iPhone

It’s a fact known to all that the Samsung Galaxy has always been the direct rival of Apple iPhone. So, it just seems suitable to compare 6 features of the new Samsung flagship phone with its comrade over at Apple.


Number 1: Fast Charge

It is no secret that the iPhone 6S tends not to go the distance. The fault of a battery that even 2750mAh on the iPhone 6S More cannot keep up.

Conversely, the Samsung Galaxy S7 offers a battery of 3000mAh and the Edge S7 is equipped with 3600mAh for every two to race. This is due mainly to the contribution of Quick Charge technology developed by Qualcomm, which can charge extremely fast. With that kind of charge, you could play Dream Bingo or Candy crush twice as long as you could with an iPhone.

What better than to see before leaving his phone is discharged, and take 50% of battery in just 30 minutes before you go? The iPhone 6S is charging at the correct speed, on the order of just over 2 hours for a full charge, but this kind of weather is unbeatable.

Number 2: Wireless Charging

A technology that integrated many Android smartphones but Apple deigns to include none other than the wireless charging: through a small base, you can put your smartphone on it and it will automatically recharge. Ikea even ended by integrating directly into the furniture, it said.

Well aware that the Galaxy S7 marks the return of technology and this in its latest form much faster. Also, the loss is much lower since it takes only 10 to 15 minutes more than one cable to fully charge the phone, a slight loss of power filled by the very practical side of the solution.

Number 3: Waterproof Galaxy S7

The ability to have waterproof smartphones, popularized by Sony and its Xperia Z range, truly allows designing our phones as everyday objects not afraid to suffer somewhat our clumsiness.

Spill a glass of water on your iPhone to 800 €, and weep for your hardware certainly become an aesthetic but impractical brick. Spill a glass of water on your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, and take the opportunity to clean fingerprints clumped on your screen for the remake shine thousand lights.

The phone is water-resistant so that we can achieve unpacking the Galaxy S7 in a pool. That is if he is not afraid of awkwardness in your evening with friends.

Number 4: Expandable Memory through Micro SD Slot

Trying too hard to be closer to Apple, Samsung has burned the wings: the abandonment of the micro SD support, which was motivated by concerns of technical compatibility, caused a disturbance among users of the Galaxy S6 who have not to want to be blocked that offers them the phone as with the iPhone.

This is why the return of the micro SD support on the Galaxy S7 is very good news. Moreover, it comes in the form of a drawer that can accommodate a nano-SIM and SD card, or even two SIM cards.

Number 5: The Always On screen

The special feature of AMOLED displays is that they can completely turn off their pixels to spend no battery to display black. With this specificity shared by all Samsung phones, the Galaxy S7 will offer an Always On mode.

Although convenient, this leaves continuously display the time and its notifications on the home screen. The Always-on Display will also be customizable and spend very little battery. Its only flaw is finally being available for the Galaxy S7 and not previous generations.

Number 6: incomparable night photos

On a simple mathematical comparison, one might think that Samsung is decided at the iPhone 6S since its sensor from 16 PM to 12 PM as the last born of Apple. But in reality, this change was made to facilitate greater versatility.

For the Galaxy S7 photo sensor completely crushes the iPhone 6S in night photography, thanks to the contribution of its new Dual Pixel technology that captures more light. A monumental strength of Samsung against Apple, which probably soon to be replicated.

Author bio: Stella is an IT professional at a software house in California at Essay Help. She studied computer sciences and loves coding.

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