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7 Awesome Benefits of Cloud Server Hosting

Are you moving to cloud? According to Forbes Magazine, over 50% of businesses in the United States alone are using cloud server hosting, including Microsoft and Apple and we think you should too!

What is Cloud Computing?

When people are talking about the ‘cloud’, they are usually referring to cloud server hosting or the iCloud service. iCloud services enable users to access and download files wirelessly from one computer to another.

Like iCloud, the cloud server hosting works the same, in that it uses virtual servers instead of using dedicated servers to host web resources.

What to learn more about cloud computing? Check out our article below.

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Cloud Server Hosting vs. ‘Traditional’ Dedicated Hosting

Server hosting can be very expensive and a hassle, especially when you are managing your own dedicated server.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid all these costs and complications. Cloud server hosting offers the same features such as the ‘dedicated’ or ‘shared’ servers with the added benefit that you are not responsible for upgrading and maintaining them.

Instead, they are managed by dedicated and virtual professionals who will be there 24/7 solving any problems correctly and quickly, which means that you IT department can focus on more important tasks.

Benefits of Using Cloud Server Hosting

Although many businesses have already to use the cloud technology, many are still in the dark as to what is cloud computing and how they can benefit from it. It is considered to be the most reliable, cost-effective, and essential solutions for large, medium, and small businesses that are not technically ‘savvy’.

Though there are many benefits of cloud server hosting, the company cannot experience them unless they decide to move to cloud computing.

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Here are 7 awesome benefits of using cloud computing for your business:

1) Low Cost of Operation: – As all data is stored on the cloud (over the Internet), the cost to set up IT infrastructure is reduced, which also reduces the cost of regular upgrade and maintenance of hardware and software.

With cloud computing, you operate your business infrastructure with low costs, as you do not have to purchase expensive software and license. This allows you to operate on a budget as well as enhance your productivity.

2) Increased Efficiency: – As there is less equipment involved in setting and running an IT infrastructure over the ‘cloud’, you need less people to manage it, which allow you to reduce your expenses more. With less support staffs involved, the productivity will increase.

3) Better Accessibility: – With the cloud, you can easily access your data and services over the Internet, from anywhere and anytime of the day. You can have your data wherever you want, making things easier for you.

For instance, you can access your files using the cloud without ever having to be present in your office.

4) Higher Level of Security: – Using a cloud server hosting offers you a higher level of security from both human as well as natural threats. Data centers at multiple locations allow for redundant backups in case the server mal-functions or faces undesired natural disasters such as fire outbreak.

Similarly, in-built multi-tiered security mechanism protects your data from malicious software and hackers/crackers.

Lastly, all of your security concerns are automatically handled by your cloud server hosting providers, which means that you do NOT have to worry about it.

5) Unlimited Storage Capacities: – When you are using cloud server hosting, you no longer have to worry about running out of storage any longer, or requiring additional storage anymore because you already have UNLIMITED storage capacity in the cloud.

6) Better Collaboration: – All your files and documents are organized and stored in one place on the cloud, it becomes VERY easy to collaborate with others in the team when working on a specific file, document, or a project.

Furthermore, all documents and files can also be stored easier because they are easily recovered.

7) Disaster Recovery: – For companies using cloud computing, they no longer have to set up a disaster recovery system in place. With cloud server hosting, providers are 100% responsible for recoveries of data and services in case disaster strikes.

Another benefit of using cloud server hosting is that the recovery times are usually faster than for those who uses ‘traditional’ IT.

Is Cloud Server Hosting for Everyone?

While these are certainly some great benefits of using cloud computing or cloud server hosting for businesses, not all companies are ready to jump on board just yet. At one specific time, security was a major issue which is why most companies were skeptic about cloud computing.

Another cons of using cloud computing is that it is completely dependent on having an Internet connection, usually with a high speed. Therefore, if the Internet is running slow or the server id down, that could affect the services.

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