A Guide To Chrome Extensions For A Better User Experience

Get more out of your online browsing experience by choosing the right Chrome Extensions

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With the advancement of technology, us humans tend to create things to simplify our daily lives more and more. I feel the extensions Google Chrome provides fall into the same category, they are there to completely make everything easier on you. I love that about the browser and that is why I will be sharing my experiences with these tools and explaining which are a must have for your browser.

Ad Block Chrome Extension
Ad Block Chrome Extension

Ad Block

If you like to visit a lot of ad sustained websites, or even video sites like YouTube, you might find yourself sitting there having to go through an ad for every video. What Ad Blocker does is exactly what the name says, block ads, and with ease might I add. The best part about it is you can allow ad traffic on certain domains if you would like to help support the site, but if not, you just add it to the list it’s as simple as that.

The icon will be located on the address bar for easy access to the options settings. They keep the extension updated and undetectable by sites so they can’t counter. I highly recommend this for anyone who spends their time browsing.

Panic Button - Chrome Extension
Panic Button – Chrome Extension

Panic Button

This extension works as stated, a Panic Button. Whenever you are looking at sites you shouldn’t be browsing at work, or a home full of family, all you need to do is bind a special key or click the icon to hide all the tabs available. Once nobody is around and you feel safe to browse again, you hit the button and all the tabs return just like you left them. The Panic Button extension is convenient enough to make the list, I personally have used it and feel everyone needs that tad bit of added privacy.

ZenMate - Chrome Extension
ZenMate – Chrome Extension


Having a virtual private network can be great if you are always on the move. Public Wi-Fi networks are available almost on every corner and can be risky when connecting with a computer or mobile device full of personal data. One of the dangers is fake networks or “Evil Twins” as some would call them. They are posted as “Open Wi-Fi” or “Cafe Wi-Fi” and fool users into connection, then when you do, they snatch data from your computer or mobile device without your notice. Taking the precaution of installing a VPN on your device will allow for a safer connection. What a private network does is encrypt the information going into and out of your computer securing it to the highest level and making it unreadable to people with malicious intentions. There are many other VPNs on the market and you can start your search for the best one for you at

Awesome Screenshot - Chrome Extension
Awesome Screenshot – Chrome Extension

Awesome Screenshot

There are times you run into awesome pictures or important information you wish you can capture in seconds, this is the tool for that. You can screenshot, save web pages, and add captions to it all seconds before uploading them to your favorite social media site or your desktop. As a data collector I find this to be really useful in my research.

Google Dictionary - Chrome Extension
Google Dictionary – Chrome Extension

Google Dictionary

There’s been plenty of times when reading articles or blogs where I’ve felt bothered by not knowing a certain word and then having to manually look it up. With Google Dictionary all you have to do is double click any word you run into and get a nice clear definition pop up right there. I found this to be extremely useful and also saved me a lot of time.

LastPass - Chrome Extension
LastPass – Chrome Extension


Sometimes creating passwords can be a rather tedious and difficult task. I personally have problems when it comes to this and it has resulted in my accounts being taken over by hackers. What LastPass does is help you create incredibly strong passwords that will help you counter account theft. All the passwords can be uploaded to a cloud program and will not be touched by other hands. I definitely find this extension unique and a good choice for fighting cyber-crimes.

I hope you have been able to find a few useful extensions from this list as I handpicked the best for you. The market is full of great content if you are willing to explore deeper into the world of extension.

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