Android Oreo: Advanced Tips and Tricks

Android is the most widely used mobile operating system. It is famous for the updates and amazing features from every update. Unlike most mobile operating systems, Android leaves everyone in awe after its each software roll out. The latest version is Android Oreo/8.0 and it has started to roll out to several devices.

Android Oreo is one of the best updates rolled out so far – says internet gaming UK which offers secure casino gaming service to numerous players. Android 8.0 has also brought many improvements in multiple areas.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

The Picture-in-Picture mode is one of the best features of Oreo and users can make a video call or watch a video while texting or using some other apps. Also called as PiP mode, this feature has been already available in Android TVs running on Marshmallow.

To activate this feature, go to “Apps and notifications” and then click “Advanced”. Select “Special app access” and select “Picture-in-Picture” in the list. A list of apps which supports PiP will be opened and users can select the apps for which they want to invoke the feature.

Autofill option inside apps

Oreo has made use of the Autofill API to provide effortless log-in. Google will be saving the passwords of the apps when it is entered for the first time. Google will ask to save the account details during the first login of the app. It also provides third-party Autofill apps such as LastPass.

Major changes in notifications

Notification Badges are a lifesaver for people who handle a lot of notifications. Notifications have been revamped in Oreo. This version of Android has allocated a new small area for unimportant notifications i.e. for the notifications which do not require immediate attention. Though notifications can be seen in the notification space, there will be a notification dot on the application when it gets a notification. Just by long pressing on the app having notification dot will show the notification of that app along with few shortcuts.

Background apps

Mobile users, ever since its dawn, have worried about the insufficient battery. One of the primary reasons for battery drain is the apps running in the background. Oreo helps the users to set the apps which can run in the background. It shows the apps running in the background and users can force stop the apps

Smart Text Selection

Smart Text Selection can be used to make quick actions with phone numbers, address or something like that. Double tapping on the text will open corresponding related actions. For example, if the text content has an address, double tapping on it will suggest Google Maps.

Better search inside settings

The sidebar inside Settings menu was removed since the Nougat update. Instead of that, the search option is made more effective in Oreo. Searching inside settings in this operating version will give results along with the path of where it is. This will help the users to navigate to the desired option directly.

Android 8.0 has come with some beneficial tools and options which can save a lot of effort and time for users. If your phone is eligible for the latest Android version, then proceed with the update and enjoy the amazing new features.

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