Apple and IBM: To Develop iPad and Apps Designed for Seniors

Apple and IBM: To Develop iPad and Apps Designed for Seniors

Apple and IBM, two of the world’s largest and most influential tech companies, decided to join forces in terms of making the lives of seniors much easier and much more convenient with iPad.

Just this Thursday morning, during an event held in New York, these two big tech companies officially announced their partnership. According to their announcement, they are committed to develop and deliver iPad devices that come with specifically tailored applications that will be a lot of use for seniors.

So, what will these tailored apps do? These will help connect seniors with their families and friends. It will also serve three main functions, which include connecting them to home care services, reminding them of their doctor’s appointment and medications and of course, monitoring their health.

It is said that the program will be coming and will be piloted in Japan. As of the moment, iPad is already considered to be the most in demand tablet in the country. With this program, Apple is expecting their iPads to be more popular and to attract elderly users.

While Apple is the one in charge of the iPad manufacturing, it is the IBM that is in charge for developing and powering the apps. With this ideal partnership, it is expected to see success. Considering how powerful these two tech companies are, there is no doubt that they will be able to achieve the kind of device and app they are planning.

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