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Apple and IBM: To Develop iPad and Apps Designed for Seniors

Apple and IBM, two of the world’s largest and most influential tech companies, decided to join forces in terms of making the lives of seniors much easier and much more convenient with iPad. Just this Thursday morning, during an event held in New York, these two big tech companies officially

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US Tech Companies Make a Rebound in Stocks

Apple and IBM take the lead among tech-based companies in the US stock market. The stocks surged and recovered from last Friday’s sell-off because technology shares, such as that of Microsoft and Apple, rallied before the largest companies. Internet and computer shares in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index surged 1.8 percent, while the

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IBM Watson Health

IBM has recently launched a new fitness device will make sense of the data in apps and fitness trackers. Named as “Watson health” the device is a cloud based data sharing hub that can make sense of data. The device has the ability to provide diagnosis or health alerts can

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IBM Watson Super Computer

IBM’s supercomputer Watson is reaching new heights, yes he is learning Japanese, with that the supercomputer technology is being pushed to its limits extending its boundary. Watson became popular after an appearance on the famous TV show “jeopardy”. Softbank (a Japanese telecom heavyweight) has teamed up with IBM and is

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