AT&T President Got Fired Over Discriminating Text Messages

AT&T President Got Fired Over Discriminating text messages

Aaron Slator, who was AT&T’s content and sales president, is now currently unemployed after being fired from the company just this Tuesday. Slator was fired due to the racist text messages found on his phone. It was Knoyme King, his former assistant, who found the text messages and who filed a lawsuit against AT&T.

According to Knoyme King, there are several factors that led him to file a $100 million lawsuit against the firm. Aside from the fact that the text messages are really offensive and that there was nothing done about the issue, there are other factors that contributed to his decision. First, it was the denial of promotion. Second, it was the fact that he was only getting meager salary increases.

According to A reports, among the discriminating text messages found on Aaron Slator’s was an image of an African child with the line “It’s Friday N—gas.”

The discrimination lawsuit names the former content and sales president as the defendant, along with Joyce Roche, a board member, and Randal Stephenson, the CEO. Aside from them, it was reported that a few more high-ranking company employees have also been listed.

According to Skip Miller, who is the lawyer of Knoyme King, King first told the bigwigs regarding the issue. However, it made King decide to file a lawsuit as the former sales and content president was not reprimanded and there was no move to address the matter.

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