Apple Watch’s Much Awaited but Confusing Release Date

Apple Watch’s Much Awaited but Confusing Release Date

It seems that the long wait for the release of the Apple Watch in stores will be ending “soon” but is first limited only to those who ordered online for pick up.

Individuals who have tried to order online saw a new message stating, “Pick up: Available soon” next to the Apple Store’s local location.

But as of the moment the option is disabled and Apple hasn’t commented on the issue yet, so it is still uncertain when buyers will really have the chance to order and pick up their own SmartWatch in stores.

Apple confirmed though that at the earliest, in-store purchasing would not be available until June. This suggests that online buyers hoping to order and pick up their own Apple Watch in stores may need to wait another month.

Online buyers, meanwhile, are still seeing a message that current orders would not be ready for shipment until June and added that there is even a chance for the wait to be longer.

It is believed that Apple may be struggling in meeting demands for because of problematic Taptic Engine components that were discovered right before the device went on sale.

Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s retail chief, did admit that there were stock issues before the device’s launch, stating to Apple employees that as the demand exceeds available supply, the company can only take online orders as of the moment.

She added that updates would be given by her every week as they gather more information, but the existing plan still remains as of right now.

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