Batband Ear-Free Headphones Play Music Through Your Skull

Normally, when you are listening music in any public place, your one earbud is in your ears and the other one is out. This is done so that you can listen to people nearby while enjoying music. But, with the Batband Ear-free Headphones you can easily hear what’s going on around them, while enjoying music. You don’t need to get one of your earphones out.

Batband Ear-Free Headphones
Image Source: Kickstarter

How Batband Ear-free Headphones work?

The Batband headphones are designed by Studio Banana Things that work on bone conductivity. The sound waves are transmitted by the “Batband at a frequency that allows them to be conducted through the bones in the skull.”

In this way they the sound waves are transmitted to the inner ear without the need for over-ear cups or ear-buds. Studio Banana Things said the device has three transducers touching the wearer’s head in three different places and will guarantee “a hi-fidelity bone-conduction sound experience.”

Batband Ear-Free Headphones play music through skull
Image Source: Kickstarter

To conduct sound waves through the temporal bones, two of the transducers sit against the side of the user’s head. “The third transducer rests against the back of the head to conduct sound waves through the occipital bone.”
The Batband ear-free headphones can be paired to mobile devices or PC via Bluetooth.

In addition to listening to music, you can also use it for gaming and making calls. The two-way communication for making calls is possible due to the built-in microphone.

The left button on the ear-free headphones will let you take and end calls, switch the device on and off. If you want to skip tracks or adjust the volume, you can do it via a slider on the right. The Batband is powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery providing six hours of playback. You can charge it via a micro USB connector.

The company pledged USD$150,000 on Kickstarter and has already raised $196,000 USD with 42 days remaining. You can also back the Batband ear-free headphones for USD$149 on Kickstarter. The feature of the device that let users hear their surroundings and listen music at the same time makes them ideal for cyclists.

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