The changing landscape of the mobile gaming industry

It has been several years since the first mobile games were played, and the days of controlling a snake that eats little squares on the old Nokia phones are long gone. In a relatively short space of time, mobile gaming has gone from being a novelty to an essential selling point of the latest pieces of technology.

For many people now, especially the younger generation, the primary function of a mobile phone is to play games and share things on social media. Making phone calls is way down on the list of priorities. Revolutionary mobile games took simple ideas like that of Snake and enhanced them using smartphone technology. Notable game-changers in the industry have been the hugely successful Angry Birds and Candy Crush. These games are easy to play, addictive, and look great on advanced screens. When the target audience of these games buys their new pieces of kit, one of the main considerations is whether or not their favorite games will look good on it.

Online casinos like ruby fortune, quickly got in on the action, realizing that their games were ideally suited to the mobile format as well. Games like roulette, slots, and blackjack have risen further in worldwide popularity since being available to play on yet another platform. These games appeal to a slightly older audience and have helped attract a whole range of new clientele to the mobile gaming platform.

Playing blackjack online while on the move adheres to the pick-up-and-play format that has become synonymous with mobile gaming. Players can play a few hands whenever they have a bit of free time, and the bonus is that they also have the chance of winning. There are even attractive sign-up bonuses when downloading the apps of certain online casinos, such as 100% deposit matches and free spins on selected games.

Smartphones led the way for the touch-screen gaming generation, and when tablets were first released they sold easily. Players wanted to see their favorite games in a larger format on the tablet screens.

The current state of play is that mobile games on smartphones and tablets are totally dominating the industry, but shortly, there could be many other players entering the fray. Smartwatches in particular could be a handy accessory for the mobile gaming generation.

Smartwatches haven’t quite taken off yet, but it should be noted that the Apple watch sold almost double the number of units as the iPhone in its debut year. Gaming in this format has received some skepticism because of the downsizing of the playing screen, and the fact that by swiping, players block their view of the game. However, developments are underway to rectify this problem, with Skintrack technology perhaps the most innovative design so far. The technology will allow users to swipe on their arms, meaning there are no obstructions to the screen.

As technology moves on at a rapid pace, it is the games that must adapt and evolve. For now, at least, the mobile game developers have struck on a winning formula. But, with big changes on the horizon, the developers that innovate first will shape how games are played on future technological advancements.

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