CORE: Harnessing The Benefits of Technology For The Good of Humanity


CORE is an asset built on top of the NXT blockchain. Our goal is to use blockchain technologies to empower humanity and break away from traditional financial systems.

“CORE understands how powerful a little team work, a little kindness, and a little morality is to success, especially in this day. CORE is not about profit at the expense of everyone else, it is a model of the future, a model that can be used by the rest of the world” – Damon

The NXT, being modular cryptocurrency platform, takes at the same time the decentralized elements of Bitcoin and improves upon it. CORE Team believes it contains the right ingredients that could spark the second cryptocurrency revolution. It allows businesses to create crowdfunding campaigns, quickly develop and integrate new features like assets, trading on the blockchain, voting and multi signature transactions. This functionality gives NXT the label of Bitcoin 2.0. There are already many good established revenue generating assets such as SigwoNet. This new industry is growing at a rapid rate and CORE is ready for its mainstream adoption.

Core Media
Core Media

CORE Media is an additional initiative that will give legitimate assets built on Bitcoin 2.0 platforms a megaphone to pitch their ideas to the world. It has also a range of writers dedicated to bringing the most up to date cryptocurrency news from across the globe, good or bad. As the internet is riddled with scams, our projects aims to praise legitimate assets and to shame scam assets. It is going to teach blockchain technology to the public.

Along with our new website, we have also issued an additional CORE Media asset. Content that is created for the website will be paid for by this asset which creates an opportunity to bring returns for asset holders on a monthly basis.Working side by side the CORE Media asset is the CORE asset, CORE magazine and CORE radio.

CORE asset aims to continue bringing monthly returns for the asset holders by investing in real, forward thinking companies and projects, has 3 professional cryptocurrency traders, is backed by Gold and Silver, as well as Nxt, Bitcoin and other NXT assets such as SuperNET.

CORE magazine established well in the last few months, already has a dedicated group of readers. The magazine covers all blockchain media.

It aims to be easily readable by the people who have never heard of this technology, as well as by busy crypto investors who don`t have time to be a part of the daily news cycle usually. The magazine includes also comics and exclusive interviews and first printed version has been already distributed to the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

CORE radio, previously under the name SuperNet Radio, is frontend by well respected internet radio presenter and team member Lootz. It was originally focused on the SuperNet project, however has now decided to branch out to all promising blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, including its own advertising campaigns and radio shows.

CORE currently has a dedicated team of 12 members from all around the world, each with a different role, merging industry insights and expertise. For almost 1 year, all team members worked very hard to achieve greater value by bringing unique initiatives, strategy and operations. It serves as a catalyst by providing pragmatic methodologies and industry expertise, operational excellence, organizational effectiveness, and transformational leadership.It has quickly become one of the most trustworthy and dynamic assets on the NXT blockchain.

For further information contact Martin, Executive Director, CORE Management Team or directly in Slack.

Media Contact

Company Name: CORE Media
Contact Person: Martin, Executive Director
Country: Australia

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