K3OPS Is Spreading Christmas Cheer With Clean, Renewable Energy

k3ops Christmas
Alexandre Despallieres, YUAN Jun and WEI Xin

The holidays are upon us and in typical holiday spirit, it’s the time for giving. The only difference for the K3OPS team is that Alexandre Despallieres, YUAN Jun and WEI Xin keep this spirit year round.

What makes this holiday season even more special is that the past few years of hard work and dedication to finding solutions to cleaner, renewable energy will finally be available to the public; more specifically, January 13, 2016 will be the date K3OPS has chosen to officially launch their first revolutionary device.

What was once though to be science fiction or the dreams of Nikola Tesla, have now become a reality with a new device that converts energy gathered from ambient electromagnetic radiation in the environment, converted and used to operate or charge everyones electronic devices.

These brilliant men have not only created one amazing product, but several amazing products that have many, many different applications for individuals, tech lovers, people looking for home automation solutions and renewable energy products. One the most intriguing products is their Stick’n Charge system, which uses RF energy harvesting to charge things like smartphones and other electric devices. YUAN Jun is the creator of UuRobot, a figure in Home Automation and Artificial Intelligent Systems.

Alexandre Despallieres, YUAN Jun and WEI Xin live at The InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu is perfectly situated at the very gateway to Provence. Housed in a superb monument dating from the 18th century, the 5 stars hotel is right beside the world-famous Vieux-Port, the cultural and historic centre of France’s second largest city, Marseille. With its unique setting, splendid Mediterranean gastronomy, mouthwatering Asian breakfast and attentive service, the hotel is an ideal venue for Chinese travelers wishing to get to know Provence, both past and present.

This Christmas season is an exciting time for the K3OPS team for many different reasons: December 18 Is YUAN Juns anniversary and January is YUAN Jun grandfathers birthday. K3OPS is a Chinese company currently working in France which is special since China is very close to the French. YUAN was recently reflecting on the upcoming events and said “It’s like all the pieces are falling into place at one magical time. Kismet I believe is what they call it”

So tis the season for giving, not only gifts of love and job but the kind of gifts that keep on giving. Renewable energy is not only an important gift for tech lovers but for people concerned with the environment and a love of a brighter future. As exciting as this new technology is, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself, which is why K3OPS is slowing releasing their technology because quality is the most important goal.

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