Two Men Charged of Stealing Bitcoin Money

Silk Road Marketplace

Two US special agents who were investigating the Silk Road marketplace are now being charged of stealing digital currency. Shaun Bridges is being charged for stealing more than $800,000 in Bitcoin money. His friend and colleague Carl Force is also being charged for money laundering.

Silk road was closed in 2013, the place was known for selling drugs and was raided by agencies and the FBI. Ross Ulbricht was convicted; he was the person who was running the place. Ross Ulbricht is said to have made more than $18m in Bitcoin from his alleged business.

Carl Force was an undercover agent for the DEA and was investigating the Silk Road case. His main task was to establish communications with Ulbricht. Mr Force is facing a charge of creating fake ids and a range of illegal activities for a purpose of financial gain.

Carl Force used those fake ids for making Bitcoin transactions to steal from potential targets of the case and from the government. Prosecutors are saying that Mr. Force made complex transactions so that he wouldn’t get caught.

Mr. Force sold information to a potential target of the investigation. He is currently being charged with multiple offences which include, money laundering, wire fraud, theft of government property and conflict of interest.

On the other hand, Shaun Bridges was a US Secret Agent who worked for the US secret service. He is being charged with wire fraud and money laundering. The amount of $800,000 was transferred into one of his investment accounts.

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