CU Rolls Out New Smart Meters

CU Rolls Out New Smart Meters

City Utility is rolling out a new technology for its mission of helping consumers save on their utility bills. The company is aiming to develop advanced metering infrastructure in order to reduce utility consumption of consumers.

Director of Geographical Information Systems and Advanced Metering Infrastructure of City Utilities, Chris Hill, said that three commodities, three meters weren’t three times harder.

Other power companies and cites across the country are now working on implementing these technologies, but a special case is for Springfield because City Utilities is combining not only electric meters, but also integrate gas and water meters in one network.

He further explained that the latest advancements would bring Springfield into the future.

The company had finished the installation of a network composed of 150 access point gadgets or devices across Springfield. Hill added that they were ready to put those meters in place and that the company was expecting to start with the installation of the advanced meters coming May.

This 2015, Hill is anticipating CU to put 1,600 of these advanced meters on the grid, while it will be checking and studying system performance in selected neighborhoods.

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