Developer Preview of Apple iOS 8.4 with Music App

Apple iPhone iOS 8.4

iOS 8.3 is out and its evident that the iOS 8.4 is in. The latest software will ship with a latest version of Apple’s native iOS Music application with a new version of the iTunes radio.

Some of the changes are described in the release notes for the new version of thebeta. This also includes the ability to customize images and playlists from your library. You can also enjoy the new artist’s view which features images of musicians while browsing. Users can also use the playback of entire records with a single click. This can be done instead of exposing a large track list.

Apple has also revealed in its music app that recently added music is done easily. You can put it on the top of the library, it is also there by default and this makes the new iOs similar to the many streaming services has to offer in their interfaces. The iTunes radio is also revamped into a better position, now you can put favorites in a more noticeable location as well as hand curated lists plus those pinched out from your listening behavior.

Apple has revamped their streaming service and you can see where the Beat Music style service could be placed. The new mini player also continues through the browsing UI, this is similar with other streaming apps. It gives you the option of queuing up content using a newly added “Up Next” panel. Apple has also included search option.

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