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Distant Planet Has 4 Suns

4 Star System

It was thought previously that planets with 4 suns were impossible but the new study suggests that it is very common. Researchers have spotted 4 suns in 30Ari, there were many 2 star exoplanets discovered before.

Stars are in myriad forms and there can single, binary, triple and quintuple star systems, scientists believe that it’s amazing how the universe has put these things in place.

The giant planet was discovered in 200 and it 10 times larger than Jupiter and was discovered in the constellation of Aries. The new discovery will need further research for scientists to understand.

This is the second planet to be identified in a four star system, the first one was discovered in 2012 through NASA’s Kepler mission. The classic movie, star wars was also inspired by the multiple stars concept and scientists have found planets that resemble the planet Tatoonie, Luke Skywalker’s home planet.

But binary star is more common while the four star systems are not and now scientists believe that they may discover pairs of binary stars in the future. The fourth star around 30Ari was not the only discovery, scientists also found a third star in a planetary system which was thought to have two suns.

This particular system is known as HD 2638 and it already had a planet which is half the mass Jupiter and it revolves around its star once every 3.4 days. Scientists are keen on learning more about the 4 star systems.


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