Don’t annoy updated Google maps app by repeatedly asking ‘Are we there yet?’

‘Are we there yet?’ is the normal question that is asked by small kids sitting in the back seat of a car. But next time, be careful because the updated Google maps app will warn you if you ask ‘Are we there yet’ repeatedly.

In updated Google Maps, the robotic voice of a lady behind the app is capable of more than dictating directions.

Check out the updated Google maps app yourself:

To check it yourself, open updated Google maps app on your Android device and start navigation mode. Then tap the dictation button, which is the microphone icon in the top right of the app and ask, “Are we there yet?”
For the first time the polite app will tell let you know approximately in how many hours and minutes you will reach at your destination.

The Google Maps lady voice may sound very charming and friendly in the starting, but like any mom, she gets annoyed if you keep asking her again and again Are We There Yet?
If you ask her for the second time she will say ‘no’. If you ask her for the third time she will say terse ‘no’. If you persist and ask her for the fourth time she reaches her limit and warns: “If you ask me again, we won’t stop for ice cream.” Haha!

This is the latest funny surprise that the search engine giant has placed inside its technology and these are called ‘Easter Eggs’. They are usually built into websites to amuse users.

Currently, the updated Google maps app warning to the question ‘Are we there yet’ will work on Android phones only because iOS devices do not have the option to use dictation within the app. It is not for the first time that Google added fun features and games into its products, last year it placed photos of Pokémon all through their maps and users were challenged to catch them all for an April Fools’ Day stunt.

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