PompAdapter: A Smart Adapter To Double Your Smartphone’s Charging Speed

Since the evolution of man, he has always pined to do more in less time. Therefore, he is redefining “speed” as his greed for more inspire him to innovate and invent devices that give quick results.

But we’ve become so dependent on these devices that we feel paralyzed without them.

Double Your Charging Speed
Double Your Charging Speed with PompAdapter.

That is why; manufacturers always come up with smart innovations that provide solutions to our problems at lightning speed. And this PompAdapter is one such innovation that you would surely like to own once it is released.

PompAdapter to Double Your Charging Speed

For anyone who is always on the move, this fast charging USB adapter is a blessing. As you can double the charging speed of your iPhone or Android Phone with this oh-so-cool adapter while you take a quick nap.

But, before you order this awesome product, you should know a bit about PompAdapter.

  • It’s a small pen-drive like device which you can carry with you everywhere.
  • You can quickly charge your digital gadgets in office, at home, in the car or in flight.
  • This smart adapter can charge all your devices in the quickest time.
  • It expedites the charging process as it can shoot up the speed by 200%.
  • It’s compact in design, so you can comfortably place it in your pocket, purse, or laptop bag.

The following video explains a bit more about this miracle product.

How does this Hi- speed USB charging adaptor work?

PompAdapter is very convenient to use.

It works like a bridge between your device and the power source you’re using. Simply insert the original adapter in the power supply and attach this PompAdapter with that original adapter. And you’re done because rest of the work will be done by your new adapter.

Is it going to replace your power bank?

Well, I guess YES!!

I’m not belittling your power banks, but PompAdapter will actually replace them or might make them redundant to a certain degree.

But that doesn’t mean that you can throw them away as they can always help you when you’re away from any power source.

PompAdapter has variety of features.

On a closer look, you can conveniently forget your power bank at home as long as you’re travelling within your city. Thus, a quick charge can temporarily make that power bank jobless.

You can also easily convert this fastest USB charger into a key chain as a ring is attached to the cap of PompAdapter.

How much will this double speed charging adapter cost you?

PompAdapter is priced at $19 for a single piece and $37 for 2 pieces.

The device manufacturers have chosen iSpazio to launch an exclusive promotion, allowing you to buy 2 at just $25.

Smart PompAdapter
Play your part and order it now.

If you’re interested in purchasing PompAdapter, then you’ve to wait because its shipment will start only in August. But you can order it right now, here. You can pay via Credit Card or PayPal

And no matter, in which part of the world you live, you can own this fast charging adapter because Indiegogo ships it worldwide.

What Else?

This accessory was actually presented on Indiegogo as a project to be funded. But within 2 hours of the campaign, it reached 101% of the amount requested.

Presently the project is funded at 632% with 540 backers and still counting.

So play your part to make it happen and order it now.

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