How to Embed Anything in an Online Casino Website

WordPress has given a luxury to its users. It is almost effortless to embed anything including images, audio, video & more from external sources into your WordPress website. The basic requirement is just to paste the desired URL into the editor’s content. Talking about casino sites, there is a huge list of media files that you can embed into your casino website. This feature is known as oEmbed.

Embed MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more 

As per your requirement, you can add PDF Files, Word files, and even spreadsheets into your online casino sites running on WordPress platform. Even Google Docs and Google Forms can be embedded into your WordPress online casino. These can be embedded without Plugin as well.

  • Embed Google Docs without Plugin

After you are done creating the document, go to the “File” tab and click “Publish to the Web”. Look for the “Embed” tab and click on “Publish”. Click “Ok” on the popup that appears. Then copy the entire Embed code and paste in the required page.

  • Embed Google Forms without Plugin

When you are done creating your survey, click the “Send form” button. A popup will appear. Click on “Embed”. The final step is to copy the entire embed code and then paste it into the required page.

Embed Audio’s and Videos for online casino site 

oEmbed makes it easier for you to embed audio and video files into your WordPress website from popular sites such as YouTube, Vine, Open Culture, Dailymotion etc. The process is as simple as copying and pasting the link on the required page in any online casino site such as Spinzwin.

You can also make your videos responsive, make sure that short-codes are written behind your video. There is also a provision to embed an entire YouTube channel as a playlist into your WordPress site.

  • Embed a YouTube channel as a playlist

First, download the YouTube Embed Plugin. On the dashboard, go to the page where you want to insert your video in. Besides “Add Media”, you will find the “YouTube” button. Type the name of the channel or video in the “Search for a video or channel” box. Select the required channel as the playlist. On copying the URL of any single video of the channel, you can embed the entire channel. Now click on the “Search” button and enter text into the Editor. Lastly, click on “Save”.

Embed content from Social Media Sites

Embed images or videos from your Instagram handle, twitter handle or Facebook pages. The process remains as easy as it was for audio and video files.

  • Embed pages or posts from Facebook

Install the Plugin for Facebook. Copy and paste the required URL from the Facebook post that you want to embed into the required page, any online casino page like Spinzwin does. The post is embedded.

Embed Content from External sites

To embed a page or a single post from a page to your required online casino WordPress site, the following are the steps for the same.

  • Embed pages from external sources

Download and install “Insert Pages”. Open the post editor on your site and click on the “Insert Pages option. Select the required page. A dialogue box appears on clicking “Options” wherein you can select the content that you require on the page. The next step is to click on “Insert Page” and then click “Update” or “Publish”.

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