Facebook Introduced In-App Keyword Search Engine

Facebook Introduced In-App Keyword Search Engine

There is no need for you to Google with the newly developed feature of Facebook. The most popular social media site all over the world seems to be taking one step forward with its feature. What is it? It is none other than the in-app keyword search engine.

The brand new feature added by Facebook lets users find articles and websites to be added when updating their Facebook status. This feature is introduced with the goal of getting people post more lines and eliminating the clumsy way of copy & pasting and app switching just to share links via mobile Facebook.

How to use the feature? Well, you just have to click the “Add a Link” option that can be found alongside the “Add a Photo” button. Then, you have to enter me query in order for Facebook to give you the matching links that you might want to be added to your Status updates.

According to Facebook, there will be more available information about the feature soon. As of the moment, the trial feature is only available to a small group of Facebook users in the United States. However, they made it clear that there is a lot of potential to this brand new in-app keyword search engine feature.

For sure, this new feature will be a big hit just like the previous features introduced by the social media site.

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