Facebook Unveils Its First Game On Facebook Messenger Called “Doodle Draw Game”

Soon after hitting the mark of one billion downloads on Android, Facebook unveils its first game on Facebook Messenger called “Doodle Draw Game” which is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Doodle Draw Game is the first true game to be made available after the launch in April for the Messenger Platform for app development. Earlier, Facebook allowed only content creation apps like sound effect makers and GIF on the Messenger Platform.

Doodle Draw for Messenger can be downloaded from both the Google Play Store and App Store or by simply clicking on the more (•••) button on the Messenger chat thread to open the platform app list.

Doodle Draw Game is basically a social version of Pictionary, which suggests a word for you to draw it on the screen with a limited set of colors and share it on Facebook with friends. From there, they have to guess what you drew. The game lets you draw in red, yellow, black and blue in the starting. To buy more color packs players can earn points by playing and inviting their friends to participate in this fun game.

Since the Messenger Platform was announced, Facebook Messenger App has grown significantly. You can now use various third-party apps such as jingles and sports clips, Giphy, ESPN and gitty for sending GIFs and a lot more to come.

Facebook is generating significant revenue from distributing apps and games through its Messenger app. Competing chat apps like Kakao and Line make lots of cash by suggesting games to their users and this could turn into another way that Facebook gets a piece of the $30 billion mobile gaming industry.

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