Features of Online Casinos in the EU Countries

Online Casinos

Online casinos are the online versions of the traditional casinos. In this form of gambling, the players can play or wager on casino games online. The difference between online and general casinos lies in the fact that online casinos offer odds and payback percentages that are higher than usual casinos. The players involved usually initiate online gambling by creating a virtual account. Funds are then uploaded on this account which is then used for wagering. Online wagering is popularly carried out for games such as poker, craps and blackjack. It gives the full effect of a casino. Heaven4gamblers is an excellent site to experience the impact of an online casino. There are several exciting features players should look up to while playing online casinos.

Signing Up is Necessary

First of all, it is necessary to make sure that the player is allowed to sign up. A casino does not necessarily need to accept members from the player’s own country.

There Should Be Some Regulation

Not every online casino is regulated, but most of them are. There are many regulatory bodies that may provide oversight; this also depends upon the country whereas casino is located to determine which regulatory agencies may be responsible for watching over the operations. The good thing about regulated casinos is that they need to follow specific rules and protocols to maintain their status. This is a good thing because it protects the players their money and personal data. Players can also go and complain if they face any problems that they cannot solve alone.

Online Gambling

Players should make sure that the casino provides them with an interface that runs well on the device of choice. Many casinos offer downloadable apps for Android and iOS devices; others offer the mobile version of the site. Reliable casinos operate reliable sites. If the player finds a lot of broken pages, missing links and other website malfunctions then he should not rely on the site.

Most European Union countries allow all gambling games on the Internet, while some countries may restrict poker games or betting platforms. Here are the features of online casinos in each European Union countries.

United Kingdoms

It is infamous that the UK is known as the safest and the well-regulated state for players. But the UK Gambling Commission is expected to bring some changes in the gambling industry. Players are hoping that the changes will bring some fortune to the players in the year 2018. The key features for a casino in this country include the aspect of transparency for every player. Gambling enthusiasts are provided better opportunities to hold more data about wagering from any operating sites. The players are allowed to analyse the amount of money they have won or lost within a given time period. The terms and conditions of acquiring bonuses are made clear to each and every player before indulging in the games.


Ireland intended to adopt a regulated model for their online casinos. This move had been aiming at giving players a more precise and safer environment to play. The regulator monitors and controls all the fundamentals of online gambling. The online gambling operating system is similar to the United Kingdom’s model. The decision was taken up in 2017, and it is being planned that it would be set up by the end of 2018.


The Italian authority has come up with a decision this year, and it is offering licenses to a selected group of operators who can present a progress report of the gambling activities.  One more feature of the Italian online casinos is that the country has shared its liquidity agreement between several European countries such as France, Portugal, Italy and Spain. This means that it will allow the players from these four countries to partake in online gambling activities. But, the sad part is, this feature is not applicable from this year. However, the Italian committee does not prioritize this aspect.


The Netherlands have been floating the concept of a bill for online gamblers that allows unlimited licenses. However, the project is yet to kick off and be implemented in the online world. The gambling industry in the Netherlands remains unregulated, which is not very good for players.


Sweden looked at the gambling market in 2017. However, later on, it was discovered that the unregulated market away from the monopolistic approach was being difficult to manage. This would automatically open a new segment for online casinos as well as the players involved.

Gambling is practiced throughout the world. Even if the governments come up with different policies and regulations, the demand for the casino games will always be there. The online casinos are an example of that demand.

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