Get fit with Fitbit new Windows 10 App having some great features

Fitbit new Windows 10 App with some great features launched today for Windows 10 PC’s and tabs. The new app will let you access and log your personalized health data in real time and help you to get a better understanding of your fitness routine.

Some key features of the Fitbit new Windows 10 App, which will help you to get fit:

Fitbit has implemented several features on its new app, which will help you to get fit. The redesigned live tiles will now show you more data than before and the new types of notifications will let you access data instantly.

The company has added a new dedicated notification center to consolidate all the important messages and notifications in one tab so that you can analyze your progress faster and stay motivated.

Fitbit new Windows 10 App

‘Quick actions’ have been added to the app to help users log and track their health and fitness activities, such as food, water intake and exercise. You will also be able to set alarms more quickly with the simple click of a button.

Universal design and continuum support in the Fitbit new Windows 10 App will allow you to customize view your important personalized data in real-time with an improved visual experience.

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The company added Cortana support, which will allow you to speak commands on Windows 10 mobile phones, tabs and PCs. For instance, you can say “Fitbit, I went for a three-mile run” or “Fitbit, I ate chicken for dinner” for easier food and activity logging. You can sync all Windows 10 supported devices to view data in real-time.

Fitbit new Windows 10 App has enhanced syncing with Bluetooth on all Windows 10 devices so that you can quickly access your health and fitness stats to make timely decisions to reach your objectives.

Fitbit new Windows 10 App will work with all Fitbit devices like the Charge, Charge HR, and Surge. You can now download the app for tabs and desktops from the Windows Store and later this year the app will be launched for Windows 10 mobiles and Xbox One.

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