Google Unveils “Which Phone Tool” To Help You Buy Your Next Android Phone

One of the greatest things about Android Phones is that there are so many different handsets from various manufacturers for the customers to choose, but to choose the right fit for you can be a challenging task. So, Google has now unveiled Which Phone Tool with an intention to help you buy your next Android phone.

Which Phone Tool
Which Phone Tool

The Which Phone Tool starts out by asking you some questions regarding your activities like what is the primary purpose for which you will use your Android phone, frequency of various activities and the tool will show you the recommendations based on your answers. Some of the choices to choose are: Gaming, Texting, Music, Photography, Social Media, Staying Fit, Maps, Web Browsing and lot more.

For instance, if you have selected Photography as the primary purpose of buying your next Android phone, then you will be asked whether you want “awesome selfie camera” or “fast, high quality photos.” After this Google will ask you to select two other activities. After completing the steps you can click on “show me phones” and the recommended phones will be shown comparing their specifications.

To find out the other options available, you can change various filters like price range, size, age of the device and carriers at the top of the website. There is one problem with Which Phone Tool i.e. it doesn’t take pricing into much consideration. If you’re looking to do just the basic stuff like -phone calls, emails and texting, you will probably be out of luck finding an inexpensive option here.

If you want to compare the latest Android Phones then this tool is a great option for you. But if you want to purchase a new Android phone we will recommend you to read reviews on other websites also.

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