Google on Antitrust: ‘Bad People’ Only Try Pulling Us Down

Google on Antitrust: ‘Bad People’ Only Try Pulling Us Down

After regulators at the European Union charged the giant tech, Google, for antitrust, the New York Times published a headline saying that the campaign versus Google in Europe was funded by competitor Microsoft.

Given that part of it is true, the story being shopped by PR staffers and executives at Google was that it was they versus the bad people who were looking to pull them down.  The big online publication offered a neat package of messaging of Google.

More about the Microsoft back-story, a commentary at NY Times urged that considered the fast pace of advancement among companies, antitrust allegations is a Luddite method of leveling the market. In fact, technology itself makes a leveled playing field. And another fact that even through Europe is always set to throw sand on the face of US companies, this does not matter, because these US tech companies eventually grow more powerfully.

A lesson learned by Google from Microsoft is EU could be a scary place for big technology companies.

Google is now number 1 and that Microsoft only remains a shadow of its former self, a part of it is that because Microsoft have been challenge legally by the European Union. Another lesson that Google learned from Microsoft is that failures is both a legal and a PR battle.

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