Google’s Stock Android Clock App Unleashed on Google Play Store

Google has unleashed a large number of its own apps into the Play Store and now they have unleashed Google’s Stock Android Clock App on Google Play store. It will allow the search engine giant to update these apps separately rather than fixing the issues for separate apps in software updates.

Google’s Stock Android Clock App will be available in the Play Store as version 4.0.1 and will be compatible with any Android device running KitKat 4.4 and up. The Clock App features all of the standard functionality we’ve been using for quite a while. Users will get to experience not only an amazing implementation of Material Design like smooth transitions, cute little animations and floating buttons with subtle shadows, but also the app has gained a bit of Android Wear support as well like snoozing or dismissing alarms right from your wrist.

Android owners will be happy as the version of the app that’s available in the Play Store is the same one that is added in Android M developer preview. The app has the ability to choose the day of the week recurring calendars start with, though only Mondays, Sundays and Saturdays are an option. Users can also check the time in various cities of the world. The app can also be played with Google Now’s voice commands. For instance, when you say, “OK Google, set an alarm” the app will be at the ready.

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