How Do Poor People Pay to Use Free Facebook?

How Do Poor People Pay to Use Free Facebook

We cannot deny that there are a lot of things that rich people have and poor people do not have. However, Facebook is one thing that both rich and poor people have. Rich people get access to Facebook by paying their internet connection.

How about those poor people? Well, some might still be able to afford their monthly internet bill. Nonetheless, there are those who are resorting to free Facebook.

Just because it is called free Facebook does not mean it is 100 percent free. It is true that there is no monetary amount involved in this one. However, don’t you know that people who use the free Facebook still pays? They pay with their data.

The data that will be gathered by Facebook will be used for justifying the entire operation in the future. Now, do you still think Facebook as a charity? Of course, you should not think that way! You are still paying for it even when you are not spending any amount of cash.

The free connectivity to Facebook is only offered to developing countries, such as in Africa, Latin America and South-east Asia. The reason why Facebook chose these areas is due to the fact that there are more poor people here. More likely than not, there will be more users of free Facebook here than in other parts of the world.

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