Instamate Review – New Software Boasts Ability To Force Content To Go Viral On Instagram


Allen, TX: Just released, a new web service is promising the ability to make Instagram pages go viral with the click of a few buttons. The software, Instamate, was developed by an established Australian web company and was released for sale on the web as of March 2nd, 2016. To promote the release, is offering a bonus for users that buy a license to use the software through their website. They have also added a complete Instamate Review of the software at their site.

“Instagram is already a leader in the social network space, with users that actually engage and interact with the posts,” said Chris Jones, owner of, “and this new software is going to allow smaller businesses to reach that highly sought after audience even faster.”

It’s been widely known for some time that famous artists and large corporate brands often use management companies to run their social network presence, but this may be the first time a small company will have a cost effective way of creating an Instagram presence to compete on a large scale.

The software claims to be able to:

  • Automatically find viral worthy content
  • Follow a user defined posting schedule to an Instagram account
  • Run without supervision to build the brand’s Instagram presence after set-up

“The little guy has been able to compete with the 800lb gorilla online since the start”, remarked Jones. “This is going to create that same level playing field on Instagram now, and it’s a good thing for competition. The end user will benefit because the big guys will have to put out better content in order to keep up.”

With this being the first of its kind, the impact to Instagram remains to be seen. If it works, efficiency will be improved, but if it is just another time waster, expect to see it die a quick death., however, believes the web will greatly benefit from this new innovation.

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